Ernie Dawson

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Ernie is the lead singer for the group, Ernie has written many of the songs the group sings. Many of the songs have been in the top ten and top twenty of the Singing News Magazine Chart. He is best known for writing such songs as My Mama’s Prayer, He’s Alive, Lord Send Me A Refuge, She’s Not Crying Anymore, and a song he co-wrote with his son Eric, Jesus Has Conquered The Grave, which was their first top ten song. Ernie says it has been like a dream come true being able to travel with his wife and two sons and minister. Ernie has had many health problems to overcome such as two open heart surgeries, along with two heart attacks, and being a diabetic. Ernie was raised by his Aunt and Uncle, Grace and Robert Cleveland, in Orme, Tn. Their were 11 children raised in a three room house along with his birth Mom, Bertha Dawson, she is Deaf, she was struck by lightning as a little girl. Ernie has never known his birth Dad. He was raised very poor, taking baths in an old metal tub, wearing clothes with holes in them, wearing shoes with cardboard in the bottom so his feet wouldn’t blister. Being ridiculed for not having a daddy. Many times having to go without a meal because there was no food in the house. Hard times are something he has grown accustom to, but God has kept him going through it all.

Landon Dawson

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Landon Dawson, Ernie and Linda’s youngest son will steal your heart. All he has ever known is gospel music. Landon almost died at birth, Doctors didn’t think he would survive, but God did. Many times in service he will testify of just how good God is. He sings with the group every service he can. Landon attends Whitwell Middle School, and is involved in several school groups. Landon loves to sing and tells his Dad that one day he is going to be his Tenor singer. One of his favorite groups is The Dixie Melody Boys. That’s where he learned to throw his jacket by watching them. Landon says that everyone should live for Jesus, and I agree, Don’t you?

Linda Dawson

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Ernie’s wife, handles many of the tasks of getting everything together. She is responsible for doing the office work for the group, getting directions for their travels, she is also responsible for keeping product for the table, mailing out orders, etc. You will mainly find Linda behind the product table at all their singings. Linda was born in Mississippi, her Parents are Virgil and Jean Harrison. She is one of eight children. She was also raised very poor, but God always provided. “Linda says she feels God has put her in this place to be a help and a blessing to anyone she can.

Eric Dawson

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Ernie and Linda’s oldest son sings Baritone for the group. He also helps drive the Bus, He runs the sound for the group. He does a lot of the maintenance on the Bus, He Loads and Unloads the equipment. Eric also co-wrote the groups first top ten song “Jesus Has Conquered The Grave.” Eric, as you can tell does a lot for the ministry, but never complains about what he does. “Ernie says: He’s my right arm, I don’t know what I would do without him.”Eric says: I just love the Lord, and I love my family, and I hope that something we sing or say touches someone’s life, That’s why we do what we do.